Thank you for your interest in Rush!
Below we've compiled some of the most commonly asked questions about Rush, along with our answers.  Please feel free to contact us at if you would like to know more.

What is Rush?
During the first two weeks of every Fall semester, Sigma Phi Omega hosts a series of fun and informal events on and around the Cal campus, often referred to as "Rush" events.  They are free and open to anyone curious about what our sorority has to offer.  Details about events can be found on our Rush flyers, handed out on campus every Fall.

Is it true what they say about sorority girls?
That depends on what you've heard (or seen on MTV).  Yes, we truly believe in sisterhood.  No, it is not at all about being superficial and partying.  Please do not allow any preconceptions or stereotypes limit your college experience.  Come find out for yourself if Sigma Phi Omega is right for you.

Is there a certain "type" of girl that you're looking for?

Absolutely not.  We pride ourselves in our diversity in membership and we encourage everyone to come out to our Rush.  Sigma Phi Omega seeks unique and motivated individuals who wish to expand their college experience while creating memories and establishing friendships that can last a lifetime.

What happens at a Rush event?
In general, the purpose of a Rush event is to give you a better idea of what being in a sorority is all about.  First and foremost, this means getting to know the sisters.  We believe that the best way to do this is through interaction.  This gives you the opportunity to get to know us and for us to get to know you.  At the same time, any questions you might have will be answered so that you can decide if what we offer appeals to you.  Food, refreshments, and entertainment are always provided.

What makes Sigmas different from any other sorority?
Our tight knit small house means that every voice is heard and that anyone who chooses to can take an active leadership role within the house, young or old.  One of our greatest and most rewarding traditions is the Sigma Waltz performed by the newly crossed class and their escorts at our end-of-the-year Formal.  We also do our best to help within the community with several philanthropic activities, with a special focus on women and domestic violence.

Can I still rush even if I can't make it to any of your Rush events?
We understand that the first few weeks of school can be very busy.  If you are unable to attend any of our events but are still interested in rushing, please contact us and we'd be happy to set up something that would accommodate your schedule.

What happens when Rush is over?
The next step is the "bid" process.  A bid is an invitation extended out to you to pledge our sorority.  It is up to you whether or not you choose to accept your bid.  If you do, you will begin to understand the true meaning of sisterhood

What is required during pledging?  What is the time commitment?
All that we require is that you learn the history and traditions of our organization.  Pledging can easily be a part of a busy schedule. We understand that you are here at Cal to learn and we will never ask you to place the sorority above academics or anything else that is of importance to you.