Sigma Phi Omega holds a variety of different activities for its members to participate in each year, including:

Sisterhoods are informal events where Sigmas get together with the sole purpose of building our relationships with each other. Our sisterhood events include Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas brunch, gift exchanges, pumpkin carving, picnics, bowling, movie nights, dinners at restaurants, parties, and more.
Sigmas hold Rush once a year at the beginning of the fall semester. Rush includes a series of fun and free events that people can attend to find out whether or not Sigma Phi Omega is right for them. For more information, please visit our Rush section.
Sigmas take academics very seriously. We understand that our first priority as students at Berkeley is to succeed in school. As a result, we have weekly study hours, a comprehensive test bank, an Academic Chairperson, and career fairs where our alumnae speak and give advice on law school, medical school, graduate school, and various careers. Many older Sigmas also serve as academic mentors for younger members, helping with Haas applications and class selections.
Informals is a traditional Sigma event held at the beginning of every fall semester, designed to celebrate the addition of the new member class. Actives, new members, and our escorts participate in a banquet that is held at a hotel. The new members are formally introduced to external organizations from the Greek community who come to present gifts and offer support.
Formals is one of Sigma Phi Omega's most special traditions, as it signifies the initiation of our newest members into our sorority. It involves a large banquet held at a hotel in San Francisco during the spring semester. Dressed in black, the actives celebrate the success of the year and recognize the graduating seniors. Dressed in white gowns, our newest class performs a waltz with their escorts in front of alumnae, sisters from other chapters, and supporting organizations, who often come bearing gifts.
Sigmas participate in a number of service events every year. For more information, please visit our Philanthropy section.
Socials are gatherings between our sorority and one fraternity, where can socialize, get to know each other, and build bonds between houses. Sigmas have exchanges with a number of different fraternities each year, including multi-ethnic fraternities as well as those located outside of Berkeley.
Sigmas hold fundraising events every semester to help support our sisters, external organizations, and charitable organizations. We also use fundraisers as a means of building our sisterhood by spending time together to work toward a common goal.

Date Night
Sigmas hold an annual Date Night, where each member invites a date of her choice to attend an evening out in San Francisco.



Pie Auction
Pie Auction is an annual fundraiser put together by our newest class. We invite members from different fraternities to watch our new class perform and to bid on some pies. Proceeds from Pie Auction are donated to a charitable organization.
Sigmas hold a national Convention every summer. Convention is the ultimate sisterhood event, complete with parties, sisterhood games, sightseeing, meetings, mixers, spirit competitions, clubbing, banquets, and more. It's a chance for Sigmas across the nation to meet each other for the first time or to further develop long-standing friendships. Our sisterhood is not limited to just our one chapter here at Berkeley, and Convention always makes it clear that our sisterhood knows no borders.
Midyear is a national Sigma event that takes place every year in January. Sigmas from every chapter and our National Board travel to one location to attend this conference, where we discuss business during the day and play hard at night. In previous years, Midyear was held in Las Vegas, Seattle, Austin, and Los Angeles.
Sigmas hold an annual roadtrip to Southern California during the fall semester of every year. There, we visit our sister sororities and brother fraternities, have socials with Southern California fraternities, shop, visit friends and family, bond with each other, and have a good time. Throughout the year, we also have a number of informal roadtrips to Lake Tahoe, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Vegas.